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LaserLight Fiber

A new lighting paradigm has arrived

Remote lighting for the ultimate versatility

LaserLight Fiber is the world’s first white light, high luminance, remotely-delivered laser light module. This unique form factor is enabling a brilliant new era in lighting performance, safety, and styling with high precision, ultra-compact, illumination that may be sealed in a location remote from the laser and its electronics which may be placed in another location that has more favorable physical and thermal characteristics.

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Light from anywhere

The innovative fiber architecture enables a completely passive light source with miniature optics. Deliver 400 lumens of light remotely, ideal for pole lights, bridges, tunnels, down hole, and high tower applications.

Many lighting possibilities

Get numerous options for precision lighting effects: ultra-compact, long-range spotlights; ultra-short throw, high angle illumination; and glare-free pattern generation with a sharp light gradient.

Integrated safety features

LaserLight Fiber utilizes the reflectance of light from the phosphor to enable safeguards with beam blocks or optical sensors to ensure coherent blue laser light is never released.

More enabling capabilities

LaserLight Fiber is ideal for spatially dynamic lighting systems; enhanced visibility imaging for emerging smart car and smart city applications; and next generation high speed LiFi data communication.


>1000 Mcd/m2

Brighter than HID lamps or LEDs with the world's highest luminance from a single light source.

Beam angle

< 2 degrees

More precise than LED with narrower beam angles and smaller optics.


Up to 1 km range

Extended range increases visibility and safety for high beam applications


6000K CCT

Currently rated for outdoor use and rapidly reaching indoor standards.

Award-winning technology

Safety by design

The KYOCERA SLD Laser reflective system uses a high-powered blue laser to illuminate a phosphor resulting in safe, bright white light.

Safety certified
Blue laser

A laser produces a beam of high intensity blue light.

Reflected, safe, incoherent, white light

The phosphor converts the laser light to broad-spectrum, incoherent white light, eliminating laser eye-safety risk.


High performance phosphor element

Luminance capabilities

The next generation of lighting


LaserLight illumination sources are ushering in a brilliant new era in automotive lighting performance, safety, and styling.


LaserLight technology delivers high-density white light, shining brighter and farther than ever before.


LaserLight is enabling a breakthrough in ultra-small projectors that are highly portable, brighter than ever, and always in focus

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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