LaserLight for lighting

Light where you want it

Illuminating new possibilities

LaserLight technology delivers high-density white light, shining brighter and farther than ever before. It meets the gap in current technologies with the reliable efficiency of LED and the bright, narrow beams of legacy halide and halogen. LaserLight surpasses the limits of existing lighting options to deliver safe, high luminance, collimated, long throw beams, from an incredibly small, lightweight source. It doesn’t just offer superior technology, it’s enabling entirely new opportunities in specialty lighting.

Unrivaled visibility

Finally, a bright light source that offers the elusive narrow angles needed to create long throw distances. Get the efficiency of LED with more luminance to light farther and achieve more visibility than ever before.

Lighting with precise control

The narrow, defined beams of Laserlight offer exceptional accuracy for dramatic lighting. Illuminate elements hundreds of meters with precise control over beam angle and shaping for consistent, clean lines.

Small size integrates anywhere

Get design flexibility with high performance luminance up to 1000 cd/mm2 from miniature optics

Innovative architecture

Utilize new remote lighting with LaserLight Fiber. The fiber delivery of light enables new opportunities to light in less optimal conditions by separating the electronics from the emitter.



the luminance

The worlds highest luminance.



the size

Needs less space to light more.



the range

Better visibility over farther distances.

LaserLight in action

A few of the thousands of uses…

The world’s first UL certification of a laser based lighting source

“UL is pleased to have worked with SLD Laser for certification of their new LaserLight product line ...which will allow OEMs to more easily integrate these components into lighting products & systems, help reduce the need for end-product testing & accelerate time to market.”

LaserLight SMD

Integrated package

LaserLight SMD offers the highest luminance and intensity concentration of any white light source available. For the first time, lighting designers have access to a unique performance enabler for specialty lighting.

LaserLight Fiber

Remote lighting

The award-winning, innovative architecture features high-efficiency fiber delivery of light from a proprietary blue laser diode to a remote, high performance phosphor, resulting in the highest luminance and intensity concentration of any white light source available.

What to expect next


LaserLight expands the capability of lighting to ultra-high bandwidth high speed light communication for IoT, Smart Cities, and future connected cars at 100 times the speed of Wi-Fi and LED networks.


LaserLight is being designed into next generation Lidar systems for long range 3D imaging at overall lower system cost and with industry proven components that are reliable to automotive standards.

Dynamic LaserLight

Dynamic LaserLight enables control over spatially patterned light. Precisely deliver light only where needed to maximize visibility and reduce glare for dynamic automotive headlights and other projection lighting applications.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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