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Direct laser for processing

Efficient precision with superior absorption

Superior for metals

Blue GaN lasers are becoming the industry-standard for their superior absorption rates amongst extremely important metals for industrial use, such as copper, gold, and iron, resulting in lower power usage and process speed gains. GaN lasers also offer the precision needed for accuracy with narrow beams, reliability, and efficiency.

Blue GaN laser for industrial use

Next generation

Visible light sources are ideal for next generation medical systems. The wavelength range of Blue GaN lasers shows a high level of absorption in blood and tissue which translates to a significant improvement for efficiency and effectiveness over legacy NIR laser wavelengths.

Blue GaN laser for biomedical use




Superior for metals and medical uses.



faster processing

Quality and speed outperforms IR.



less power

Faster, yet uses less power.

LaserLight Blue

Unique GaN technology

The miniature form factor and high optical power of the Gallium Nitride (GaN) semi-polar blue laser features reliability, high optical brightness with free space and fiber delivery options that are ideal for integration into multi-chip packages and modules for display systems.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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