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LaserLight SMD

Lighting design freedom, unleashed

Brighter and smaller than any other

The world's first high luminance, fully integrated white laser light emitter enables ultra-long beam distances, narrow beam angles and small optic sizes. The combination of luminance, size, efficacy and lifetime exceeds the capabilities of typical LEDs or HID light sources by more than 100x. For the first time, designers of solid-state applications have access to a unique performance enabler for directional lighting.

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Now available
World's First IR + White Illumination

KYOCERA SLD Laser technology combines high luminance white with infrared emission from the same point source in a safe dual channel SMD. A major breakthrough for specialty lighting and automotive providing a compact multifunctional light source that enables the next generation of smart applications.


Highest luminance. Tiny package.

More than 100x the luminance of typical LED, LaserLight SMD delivers 500 lumens of white light and 1,000 candela per square mm output from a miniature 7mm surface mount device (SMD) lighting package.

Narrow beams without bulky optics

Beam angles of 2 degrees or lower are achieved with optics of less than 35 mm in diameter, well within convenient lighting system form factors.

Power efficient with no droop

Efficacy of the light output remains roughly constant as power is driven higher, due to the droop-free operation with increasing power.

Beam shaping for absolute control

Additional technology can be added downstream from LaserLight modules to electronically control and dynamically change the beam angle and shape.


>1000 Mcd/m2

Brighter than HID lamps or LEDs with the world's highest luminance from a single light source.

Beam angle

< 2 degrees

More precise than LED with narrower beam angles and smaller optics.



Fewer replacements over a lifetime drastically reduce maintenance costs over HID.

Compact size

7mm SMD

Miniature size enables unique design opportunities with smaller form factors.

Dual Channel Available

IR + White

Dual channel, switchable white light and infrared emission.


200mW IR

Portable and multifunctional for night vision or range finding.

Award-winning technology

Safety by design

The KYOCERA SLD Laser reflective system uses a high-powered blue laser to illuminate a phosphor resulting in safe, bright white light.

Safety certified
Blue laser

A laser produces a beam of high intensity blue light.

Reflected, safe, incoherent, white light

The phosphor converts the laser light to broad-spectrum, incoherent white light, eliminating laser eye-safety risk.


High performance phosphor element

Luminance capabilities

The next generation of lighting


LaserLight illumination sources are ushering in a brilliant new era in automotive lighting performance, safety, and styling.


LaserLight technology delivers high-density white light, shining brighter and farther than ever before.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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