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LaserLight for automotive

See up to a kilometer of road ahead

Advancing the possibilities of style

LaserLight illumination sources deliver more than 100x the luminance of LEDs, ushering in a brilliant new era in automotive lighting performance, safety, and styling.  LaserLight sources provide safe, extended range illumination for high beam applications and precise beam control for glare reduction, while enabling sleek ultra-compact headlamp designs for advanced styling. Lighting designers are free to create innovative systems that embrace efficient, minimalist design with the highest level of lighting intensity and the longest range illumination possible.

Triple the visibility

Greater visibility on the road in low light dramatically increases driving safety.  The ability to see ten times farther enables better reaction times and greater braking distances.

Differentiate with style

Discover new design freedom with LaserLight technology that delivers more lumens while reducing the size of the optics and the weight of the lighting system. Nothing gets in the way of style.

Beam control

The safe, bright white improves visibility and can be precisely shaped to reduce glare for other drivers.

Infinite flexibility

LaserLight Fiber features innovative lighting technology that separates the laser module from the white light emitting element by a fiber optic cable for optimized thermal and electrical management.

LaserLight automotive luminance 100x LED



the luminance

The worlds highest luminance.

LaserLight headlight smaller size



the size

Needs less space to light more.

LaserLight headlight range 10x LED



the range

Better visibility over farther distances.

LaserLight in action

LaserLight Fiber icon

LaserLight Fiber

Remote lighting

The award-winning, innovative architecture features high-efficiency fiber delivery of light from a proprietary blue laser diode to a remote, high performance phosphor, resulting in the highest luminance and intensity concentration of any white light source available.

LaserLight SMD icon

LaserLight SMD

Integrated package

LaserLight SMD offers the highest luminance and intensity concentration of any white light source available. For the first time, designers of solid-state applications have access to a unique performance enabler for directional lighting.

LaserLight for Auto

What to expect next



Dynamic LaserLight

LaserLight is being designed into next generation LiDAR systems for long range 3D imaging at overall lower system cost and with industry proven components that are reliable to automotive standards.

Dynamic LaserLight enables control over spatially patterned light. Precisely deliver light only where needed to maximize visibility and reduce glare for dynamic automotive headlights and other projection lighting applications.

LaserLight expands the capability of lighting to ultra-high bandwidth high speed light communication for IoT, Smart Cities, and future connected cars at 100 times the speed of Wi-Fi and LED networks.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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