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The possibilities continue to expand for Intelligent Illumination

Beyond Lighting

Light that Communicates

Lasers have been used in communications for decades. LaserLight enhances the capability of lighting to enable ultra-high bandwidth for high speed, wireless communications. LaserLight enables airborne communication at speeds 100x higher than LED. As LaserLight is adopted by more applications, this technology is expected to play a role in enhancing the capability of lighting to enable new communication and sensing networks for smart cities and intelligent home in next generation, AI-driven IoT applications.

Advantages of LaserLight for use in LiFi communications.
Professor Harald Hass
University of Edinburgh

Sense further

Due to its long rage and high visibility, LaserLight is the ultimate solution for emerging Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities. The trend toward self-driving cars requires special technologies to enable vehicles to sense objects, and maximize safety. SLD’s LaserLight sources are being designed into next generation imaging systems to detect objects at distance with industry proven lighting components that are reliable to automotive standards.

AR / VR:
Immersive reality

SLD Laser is pioneering the world’s first single chip RGB laser to enable AR/VR systems with bright images from augmented reality systems with high transparency to the real world, from a miniature light engine for unobtrusive designs. It's the ultimate light engine technology for immersive, wearable displays that fit in everyday eyewear.

Head-Up Display:
Interface proximity

LaserLight visible sources are ideal for HUD systems utilizing MEMS or liquid crystal technology. The light sources are always in focus, greatly reducing the overall optical system complexity and size, and eliminating optical components and assembly. With laser color, each pixel can deliver bright interfaces right where they are needed with full HD resolution.

Dynamic LaserLight:
Shaping light

Dynamic LaserLight enables control to actively shape the light. Delivering light only where needed reduces unwanted light pollution and glare for dynamic automotive headlights and other lighting applications. It also has the highest white light luminance per pixel with the smallest system size, especially compared to LED and micro array based technologies.

Demonstration of animated dynamic LaserLight in a 3D shape

Next generation

Visible light sources are ideal for next generation medical systems. The wavelength range of Blue GaN lasers shows a high level of absorption in blood and tissue which translates to a significant improvement for efficiency and effectiveness over legacy NIR laser wavelengths.

Superior for metals

Blue GaN lasers are becoming the industry-standard for their superior absorption rates amongst extremely important metals for industrial use, such as copper, gold, and iron, resulting in lower power usage and process speed gains. GaN lasers also offer the precision needed for accuracy with narrow beams, reliability, and efficiency.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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