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LaserLight for display

Smaller & brighter than ever before

Enabling immersive experiences

High-performance LaserLight sources deliver vibrant images, reduced cost of ownership, and dramatic size reduction compared to legacy lamp and LED technology.  Projection display applications implementing laser light are well established where the light is modulated spatially with very high resolution, usually with a micro-mirror array. As this architecture has further developed, it is transitioning to include more applications where very highly intelligent lighting control is desirable.

Scalable lumens

From the smallest projectors to large scale digital cinema, LaserLight is scalable with maximized optical throughput and efficiency for all display system architectures including DLP, Scanning MEMS, LCOS and LCD.

Smaller than small

Micro-projectors can be slipped in your pocket and deliver immersive experiences with vivid colors and enhanced brightness. LaserLight delivers HD, always in focus images, in the smallest possible form factor.

Superior to legacy technology

LaserLight surpasses legacy lamp and LED technology with brighter, high contrast, vivid images with a wider color gamut, longer lifetimes, and dramatic reductions in size and power consumption.

Enables emerging technology

Small, unobtrusive to style with: 1mm3 RGB chip with 1mm MEMS mirror, a long battery life and efficient power consumption is advancing development in HUD / AR / VR applications.



the luminance

The worlds highest luminance.



the size

Needs less space to light more.



hour lifetime

Long life and low maintenance.

LaserLight Blue

Unique GaN technology

The miniature form factor and high optical power of the Gallium Nitride (GaN) semi-polar blue laser features reliability, high optical brightness with free space and fiber delivery options that are ideal for integration into multi-chip packages and modules for display systems.

What to expect next


Enabling AR/VR systems with more realistic displays with small, unobtrusive to style with: 1mm3 RGB chip with 1mm MEMS mirror, it's the ultimate in immersive, wearable display.

Dynamic Illumination

Dynamic LaserLight enables control over spatially patterned light. Precisely deliver light only where needed to maximize visibility and reduce glare for dynamic automotive headlights and other projection lighting applications.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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