LaserLight Blue

Designed to advance lighting technology

Highly efficient laser

The miniature form factor and high optical power of the GaN semi-polar blue laser features reliability, high optical brightness with free space and fiber delivery options that are ideal for integration into multi-chip packages and modules for display systems. Additionally, KYOCERA SLD Laser technology provides a versatility in output wavelength, enabling future products from violet, to blue, to green emission to address the wide gamut of visible laser applications.

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Brighter visible output

Semi-polar blue laser diodes with outputs of 3–5 W per device deliver more optical power than LEDs  that are more than 10x the size.

Versatile for many applications

LaserLight sources for specific applications, including laser pumped phosphor architectures, as well as direct single color and R-G-B laser applications.

High Gain

Manufactured on a unique and carefully selected semi-polar GaN crystal plane, this novel approach results in a 300% increase in gain, enabling greater device efficiency and reliability.


KYOCERA SLD Laser technology provides fundamental advantages because semi-polar GaN devices eliminate internal electrostatic fields and provides maximum overlap between electrons and holes.


>1000 Mcd/m2

World's highest luminance from a single light source


450 nm

Addresses a wide gamut of visible laser applications.


3x-5x more gain

A unique semi-polar GaN crystal plane for higher gain.



Fewer replacements over a lifetime for increased reliability.

The next generation of lighting


LaserLight is enabling a breakthrough in ultra-small projectors that are highly portable, brighter than ever, and always in focus.

Beyond Lighting

See what’s next for KYOCERA SLD Laser in high-speed communications, sensing, AR/VR, and everything in between.

Pioneering The Future Of Light

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