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Safety Certified with World’s First UL Certification for Laser Lighting

KYOCERA SLD Laser's LaserLight SMD product line has achieved UL certification for the solid-state lighting safety standard ANSI/UL 8750.

Bahram Barzideh, Principal Engineer for UL stated, “UL is pleased to have worked with KYOCERA SLD Laser for certification of their new LaserLight product line, which produces light within the visible light spectrum. These products were evaluated per the applicable requirements of UL 8750 - the Standard for LED equipment for LED lighting. Additionally, based on request from KYOCERA SLD Laser, UL performed testing per IEC TR 62778:2014 to assess risk group (RG) levels for blue light hazard. With the results of these two evaluations, KYOCERA SLD Laser can now identify specific construction and performance characteristics for the LaserLight product line which will allow OEMs to more easily integrate these components into lighting products and systems, help reduce the need for end-product testing and accelerate time to market.”

LaserLight SMD

UL Safety Certified

LaserLight SMD offers the highest luminance and intensity concentration of any white light source available and meets the standard safety regulations for the lighting industry.

UL Certified

LaserLight Fiber

Remote lighting

The award-winning, innovative architecture features high-efficiency fiber delivery of light from a proprietary blue laser diode to a remote, high performance phosphor, resulting in the highest luminance and intensity concentration of any white light source available, and meeting the standard safety regulations for the automotive industry.


Automotive certified

KYOCERA SLD Laser has achieved certification for quality and safety standards from leading international and automotive accrediting organizations, establishing a leading position worldwide among solid state lighting technology innovators.