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LaserLight news

CNET Roadshow
January 10, 2020

We head to the desert to test SLD Laser's lighting and Li-Fi data tech

While CES 2020 may be full of the latest flying taxi technology and futuristic concepts, you can also find simpler innovations that are bound to make everyone's life easier in the near future. Case in point is SLD Laser, a company that is, ahem, shedding light not only on traditional illumination but also on data communications.

SLD Laser's white lights are 10 times brighter than the LED lights found in most new cars. Unfortunately, our pesky government regulations won't allow full-bore laser headlights. The laser-light tech found in certain BMW models, for example, are dialed down to please the Feds. There is one place where rules don't matter, and that's in off-road racing. And that's why, to see what this tech can do, I went out to the Nevada desert to ride shotgun with three-time Mint 400 winner Justin Lofton.