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LaserLight news

June 14, 2021

New era of laser lights out of Goleta help first responders, future auto tech and data speed

GOLETA, Calif. - It is smaller than a grain of rice, but a component in the KYOCERA SLD Laser is producing results with more power, distance and performance than most of us have ever seen.

President and Co-Founder James Raring says the use of lasers is far from what the average person thinks when they envision a stream of light.

It's capable of hitting precise spots or sending out a broad stream. It can be in a small handheld light or coming off of a drone.

The light concept is also integrated into communication systems with the ability to move data faster than what modern day consumers are using now, and in some cases, find speed frustrations based on their connections.

Some first responders in Santa Barbara County are using the lights on emergency calls. Firefighters used the beam on a car at the base of a steep cliff, and released a picture of the accurate illumination.