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LaserLight news

Photonoics Spectra
November 14, 2017

Laser Light Source Delivers Superior Optical Control

Laser diode-pumped phosphor light source offers higher luminance and scalable efficiency suitable for architectural and vehicle lighting, and projection displays.

Legacy light sources such as halogen and metal halide produce highly collimated directional beams, but with shorter life and lower efficiency than LED sources. LEDs are highly efficient and long lasting, but are poor at creating beam angles below 10 degrees with small optics.

This is fundamentally possible because laser diodes (LDs) do not suffer efficacy droop in the way that LEDs do. InGaN laser diodes based on semi-polar orientations of GaN operate at 3 to 5× higher gain compared to more conventional c-plane InGaN LDs.

Laser diode-pumped phosphor light sources utilize a high-power blue InGaN laser diode to excite a very small phosphor target — about 300 microns in diameter. The phosphor converts the laser light to broad-spectrum, incoherent white light, eliminating laser eye-safety risk. The small phosphor spot size allows for greater optical control of the down-converted white light emission. As a result…