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LaserLight news

LED Professional
September 15, 2017

Intelligent Lighting Designs Enabled by Laser Light

This technology had its niches and is broadening the field of applications entering different specialty lighting, display, and automotive applications.

In many lighting applications it is valuable to utilize a high luminance light source with a high number of lumens emitting from a very small physical source extent. High luminance illumination sources provide increased levels of light intensity and smaller beam angles, and also precise control of beam properties. To date, conventional light sources that have been applied to advanced lighting designs have included high intensity discharge (HID), halogen lamps and high brightness light emitting diodes (LED). These sources have limitations in reliability, form factor and luminance. A new solid state lighting technology platform has emerged, laser light, enabling highly reliable, very small form factor light sources, with the highest luminance ever demonstrated in a commercialized product. An overview of how laser light is implemented and how various applications may benefit from increased performance from its use are presented.