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LaserLight news

Novus Light
September 30, 2019

Bright, Battery-Operated LaserLight Source Used in Endoscopy

Biomedical applications including optogenetics, two-photon microscopy and vitreoretinal surgery are performed using small diameter optical fibers. Previously the light sources used for endoscopic procedures were bench-top systems with a xenon or LED light. Now medical professionals are finding that laser diodes that produce white light are meeting the need for very high-quality light with easily variable intensity for illumination in endoscopic procedures. These fiber-based surgeries require extremely bright light coupled into optical fibers to facilitate smaller incisions, as well improve the surgeon’s vision with bright illumination. Acera is an endoscopic lighting specialist that has developed the battery-operated Handheld Light Source that combines patented optics with a semipolar GaN laser diode based light source, SLD LaserLight from SLD Laser Inc.